Safety with Golintu

Profile Verification image
Profile Verification

Every user is verified with a unique identification process.

24*7 Support image
24*7 Support

Our dedicated support team to guide senders and lintu 24*7.

Baggage Insurance image
Baggage Insurance

We provide free insurance option to sender if the consignment values is higher.

Live Tracking image
Live Tracking

The sender is provided with live tracking and SMS alert about package location and status.

Live Messenger image
Live Messenger

A dedicated messenger is provided to sender and lintu to communicate with each other.

Online pay-in and pay-out image
Online pay-in and pay-out

Safe and secure payment gateway is provided.Lintus get regular payouts as per their trips and performance.

Smart Contract image
Smart Contract

With smart contract and semi-block chain technology we ensure to avoid mishap and miscommunication.